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The Forrest Williams Band's songwriting career

Growing up in the hills of Arkansas, Forrest picked up the guitar when he was 14 years old and has been playing ever since. He grew up listening to Rock, Blues, Country, and Folk music from the 60's up to present day, which has influenced his songwriting. His style covers a variety of music, incorporating the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the harmonica.


Now living on the Gulf Coast for the last 18 years, the culture & the nature of the area have helped shaped his playing and writing style as well.

Forrest ~ released his third all Original studio album “Monday To A Saturday" in May of 2019. He has two more all Original CD’s “Gonna Take Love & his self-titled album. 

Pherrel Williams ~ has been playing keyboard & keyboard bass for over thirty years. She can also play bass, percussion & some drums.  Starting her professional music career at the age of 13 while touring with her family band playing churches, coliseums, auditoriums, & tent revivals. Pherrel has seen her share of stages.

Forrest & Pherrel met in 2000, married 2001 and started their music adventure in 2004.

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